What is CEFEX?


The Centre for Fiduciary Excellence, LLC. (CEFEX) is an independent global assessment and certification organization. It works closely with investment fiduciaries and industry experts to provide comprehensive assessment programs to improve risk management for institutional and retail investors. 

CEFEX assessment is based on the international standard, ISO 19011: Guideline for quality management system auditing. The assessment is evidence-based, and all work is reviewed by the CEFEX Registration Committee to ensure impartiality and consistency.




Fiduciary Standards

Now, more than ever, investors need to select trustworthy Investment Advisory firms who are dedicated to safeguarding their clients’ best interests by finding the most appropriate products at the best price.  CEFEX certification demonstrates that Paris International meets a fiduciary best practice standard.

CEFEX advisory firms adhere to the Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence. This means they act in the best interest of investors. This is contrasted with a firm that lacks a fiduciary process or operates according to a ‘suitability’ standard.

CEFEX advisory firms voluntarily undertake annual audits by independent fiduciary experts. This verifies their adherence to the fiduciary standard and is supplemental to the oversight performed by most financial regulators, who require advisors to meet a minimum compliance standard.

A CEFEX-certified advisory firm places your interests first and will strive to realize investment objectives sooner, better align investment services to expenses, and be accountable for actions taken.

Benefits to You

The CEFEX certification makes it easier to appropriately assess how well your Investment Advisory firm is watching over your investments. As well as ensures that the advisor has prudent fiduciary practices in place and a culture of excellence, supported by documented and structured processes.

Far too many advisors operate like black boxes. They cannot (or will not) describe their process there by avoiding accountability to the investor. The prudent process has nothing to hide.

Independent fiduciary assessments supplement the advisor’s internal compliance practices and their mandatory statutory regulatory compliance. The rules associated with statutory compliance are designed to constrain bad conduct, but it is impossible to set rules for every situation. Independent fiduciary assessments focus oversight on process, so virtually all situations are covered.

The CEFEX-certified advisor is earning your business on fiduciary principles. The firm is striving to be the best fiduciary in a crowded market!





CEFEX Materials

To learn more about the CEFEX certification, fiduciary assessment and benefits to you as an investor, please review the materials below.